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Do you have mandatory conservation goals to meet? Niagara has been an industry leader for nearly 40 years in water and energy conservation by successfully working with existing programs or even building custom tailored programs to fit each your needs. Make your budget dollars go further by offering your customers programs that provides immediate water savings – with NO CHANGE in consumer behavior.

Niagara products are built to conserve water and energy without sacrificing performance. The Niagara 0.8 GPF Ultra-High-Efficiency Single Flush Toilet featuring patented Stealth Technology can reduce water consumption by 38% when compared to the average 1.28 GPF high-efficiency toilets. The ultra-quiet Stealth Technology utilizes a durable rubber seal, eliminating the potential leaks seen by typical flapper toilets while a unique air transfer tube improves flush performance.




greencityNiagara Green City

Niagara Green City helps the utility promote the program to single family residents and owners of multi-family dwellings. Niagara Green City then administrates the installation and billing process with those individuals who opt to participate. With no upfront costs and savings that exceed the monthly costs paid by the residents, the program provides an easy way for both the city and the end-users to achieve their conservation goals. 



Co-op Water Rebate Events

 This simple program developed by Niagara Conservation in partnership with the Home Depot allows you meet conservation goals and promote awareness in a fun and effective way. These parking lot events at your local Home Depot stores are a proven way to get immediate participation and meaningful water savings in your service territory.


We Also Offer:

productdistribution2 directship2 directinstall2 

Trained and certified in the latest water and energy efficiency technologies, local Green Plumbers will provide upfront inspection, installation of new products, and remove and recycle old fixtures. Our plumbers have passed the 32-hour training and made a commitment to Green Plumbers Licensing.



Coachella Valley Water District at JW Marriott Desert Springs (800+ Unit)




There are numerous options for saving water and each of them comes at a cost. Making a sound choice that has largest savings potential is key. The most efficient and cost effective way to save water is to invest in Niagara’s 0.8 GPF Single Flush Stealth Toilet…. without question. 

Not only is the Single Flush Stealth Toilet certified by WaterSense for its low water usage and performance, but its a MaP Premium rated product that goes beyond typical standards and qualifies consumers for the maximum rebate available. Due to this impressive performance and the overall reliability, Niagara offers an industry best Lifetime Limited Warranty to ensure the performance and savings continue.

Coupled with a UHET™ Water-Saving Kit, you can maximize water savings… up to 40,000 gallons per household per year! When you compare that to other programs being offered presently, the choice becomes clear. 





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