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Partner with Niagara Conservation and the Home Depot to maximize your conservation outreach in a big way with fun and effective rebate events at your local Home Depot store.



Photo Nov 07, 10 09 55 AMThis simple program developed by Niagara Conservation in partnership with the Home Depot allows you to meet conservation goals and promote awareness in a fun and effective way. Rebate events at your local Home Depot stores are a proven way to get immediate participation and meaningful water savings in your service territory.

■  Niagara and Utility promote the events through social media, bill inserts, and mailers.

■  Strategic PR efforts to boost reach and success of event.

■  Niagara and Home Depot set up tents and product in Home Depot parking lot.

■  Signage is placed both inside and outside of the store promoting the event.

■  Customers are educated on the most efficient bathroom water-saving technology on the market.

■  Customers purchase products and fill out rebate forms at event for re-imbursement.



Photo Nov 07, 10 23 26 AMOur most recent events in partnership with Irvine Ranch Water District yielded tremendous results. Over the course of two weekends, 496 ultra-high-efficiency toilets were purchased by homeowners. Along with the free UHET kits, the projected lifetime water savings is estimated to be a staggering 1,218 acre-feet of water!




■  No cost to utility other than existing rebate.

■  Immediate and significant water savings.

■  Tremendous PR for your conservation initiatives.

■  Easy to implement with Niagara’s turnkey program.

BONUS: Niagara offers a free UHET Water-Savings Kit with each toilet to maximize water savings.


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