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Our water rebate events are a partnership between your local water utility, Niagara Conservation, and the Home Depot to help make water conservation more affordable to you and your family!

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Photo Nov 07, 10 09 55 AMThis easy program developed by Niagara Conservation in partnership with the Home Depot allows you meet your water- and money-saving goals and brings awareness to water conservation in a fun and effective way. We educate you on the most efficient products and how they work while providing rebates to make water-saving more affordable.

■  Easy & Free To Attend:
Tents and products are set up right in your local Home Depot parking lot. 

■  Questions Are Answered:
Customers are educated on the most efficient bathroom water-saving technology on the market. Our on-site representatives are very knowledgable and can answer any questions you might have. 

■  Immediate Rebate Filing:
In one swoop, you can purchase the products and immediately fill out and file rebate a form. Afterwards, you will walk away proudly knowing you’re ready to combat the drought with the best products on the market at a great price!

■  BONUS: 
Niagara often offers a FREE Ultra-High-Efficiency Technology® Water-Savings Kits with each toilet purchase to help maximize your water savings! These kits include one (1) high-efficiency showerhead, one (1) high-efficiency kitchen aerator with a pause valve, and two (2) pressure-compensating bathroom aerators. 




Our most recent events in partnership with Irvine Ranch Water District yielded tremendous results. Over the course of two weekends, 496 ultra-high-efficiency toilets were purchased by drought-concerned homeowners like you. Along with the free Ultra-High-Efficiency Technology® Kits, each homeowner is expected to save about 40,000 gallons of water.*
IRWD projected that their district’s lifetime water savings is estimated to be a staggering 1,218 acre-feet of water. That’s nearly 400 million gallons of water!


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*Each UHET kit savings is about 40,000 gallons of water per year/ household. Estimated savings based off of a 3.5 gallon toilet retrofit.