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Niagara’s 0.8 GPF Ultra-High-Efficiency Single Flush Toilet featuring patented Stealth Technology is your answer.

With the extreme droughts seen across the country over the last several years, the true value of water is being seen. Today, saving water is a top priority for property owners, government entities, and installers alike. Niagara’s Stealth toilet saves 38% more water than the average high-efficiency 1.28 GPF toilet. Read below to see how it can help your customers meet their water conservation goals faster while saving you time and money!


All components within the tank are preassembled and tested to ensure water tightness so you simply attached the tank to the bowl and move on. The patented Stealth technology utilizes a durable rubber seal, eliminating the potential leaks seen by typical flapper toilets while unique air transfer tube improves flush performance.

The installer friendly design features an oversized footprint to cover up unsightly stains and unfinished flooring for a clean, professional finish that is sure to make your customers happy.


This product backed by an industry leading Lifetime Limited Warranty, and it’s proven track record of performance helps to ensure that every job you complete stays complete – allowing you to focus on your next project and not stress over callbacks seen with typical toilets. 



The top water waster inside the house is the toilet, consuming nearly 30% of all indoor water used. By installing Niagara’s Stealth toilet on your customer’s property, you have given them the opportunity to help save water without changing their daily routine.

Flushing the lowest amount of water possible at 0.8 gallons per flush, your customers can see water reduction of up to 77% over their previous standard toilet. That means their investment will pay for itself in a shorter amount of time, while additional savings will continue for 10+ years. 

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