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A New Standard in Water Conservation

Ultra-High-Efficient Technology (UHET) is a category of products that go above and beyond today’s standard of water efficiency. These elite products are not only known for being the best in the market for water saving, but also for their power and durability. Our UHET highlight brings to surface these products, how they work, and where to buy them. 

Simply owning a ultra-high-efficiency toilet can be especially impactful. With a standard of less that one gallon per flush (< 1.0 GPF) , these toilets have truly changed the game of water conservation in the home. If you switched a 1.6 GPF high-efficiency toilet to a ultra-high-efficient toilet, you can save up to 35% MORE water than before!

Niagara Conservation’s 0.8 GPF ultra-high-efficiency toilet featuring the patented Stealth Technology goes a step beyond the standard water-saving toilets with its innovative hydraulic technology and a quiet and powerful flush. With water consumption that cuts the industry standards in half, it has revolutionized the toilet market by dramatically lowering water usage while maintaining superior performance like no other toilet can.  It has been recognized as a MaP Premium toilet and received a Watersense label. It is currently the world’s ONLY ultra-high-efficient toilet! Watch the video below to see how it works.

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Technology: Stealth

Flush Rate: 0.8 GPF

Flush Type: Single Flush Button

Bowl Shape: Elongated

Materials: Vitreous China

Color: White


MaP Score: 800g MaP Premium

Efficiency Rating: UHET

WaterSense Labeled: Yes

ASME Certification: A112.19.2

CSA Certification: B45.1

EZ Height: 17” - ADA Height Compliant (when used with proper seat)



Home Depot SKU: 1001263564

Model #: 77000WHAI1

Bowl Part #: N7717

Tank Part #: N7714



Bowl Dimensions: 14”W x 17”H x 28.5”D

Footprint: 20.5”L x 10.25”W

Water Spot: 8’’ x 6’’

Assembled Dimensions: 18.75” W x 31” H x 28.875” D

Rough In: 12”

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