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Think high-performance and high-efficiency can’t co-exist? Think again. 

Are you a homeowner or one of the many building owners looking to conserve water and cut utility costs? Let our water conservation specialists help you today! With rapid technological advancements in water-efficient fixtures, properties built as few as five years ago can benefit from fixture upgrades. Discover how our innovative technology can help you reach your conservation goals.



One simple step to conserve water is to look in your bathroom. One toilet alone uses up to 27% of household water. By switching to Niagara’s 0.8 GPF Ultra-High-Efficiency Stealth Toilet, you can reduce your water usage up to 38% over the average 1.28 GPF high-efficiency toilets – with NO CHANGE in use or behavior! Saving so much water will also save money on your utility bill. 

In addition, the Stealth provides a very quiet and powerful flush that is capable of functioning efficiently at varying water pressure levels. There are no expensive parts to replace and needs less maintenance than a standard toilet, providing you further savings. For more information or any questions, contact us today! 



Whether you own an apartment complex, hotel, student dormitories, or assisted living facilities, everyone can benefit from retrofitting their toilets with Niagara’s 0.8 GPF Ultra-High-Efficiency Stealth Toilet

With the Stealth toilet, you will stay competitive. You can expect reduced utility bills, short ROIs, boosted property value and to retain tenants. There are no expensive parts to replace so you save money on maintenance as well – all while conserving a precious natural resource.

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Contact us today and one of our water conservation experts can provide a free audit of your property. This audit includes individualized solutions and projected savings – at absolutely no cost to you!


Ready to purchase, but want to see the toilet in action first?

Come visit one of our many Water Rebate Events! These events are held at your local Home Depot parking lot. Here, you can talk to experts and see the toilet in action. We even offer on-site rebate filing for immediate discounts! Also, for every toilet purchased at one of our events, we offer FREE high-efficiency shower heads and aerators.   




Coachella Valley Water District at JW Marriott Desert Springs (800+ Unit)



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