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November 28, 2016

Actions speak louder than words. Similar to how giving water-saving tips can be like beating a dead horse. It can be said, but until action is taken, nothing will change.

California is going on its 6th year of drought. Georgia is now seeing more severe drought areas that the State has issued its first drought alert this year. With all this conversation on conserving water, how much effort is really being put into saving our most precious natural resource?

Here are a few organizations that have taken the call of water conservation to the next level.

WaterSense, an Environmental Protection Agency Partnership Program, is an organization that has been helping people save water through product labels for water-saving products and appliances. Products that have the WaterSense label has been independently certified to help save water and perform well. They partner with manufacturers, utilities, retailers, and distributors to bring water efficient products to the marketplace. Since starting in 2006, WaterSense has help customers save more than 1.5 trillion gallons of water AND more than $3.6 billion in water and energy bills. Who doesn’t like saving water AND money at the same time?

Alliance for Water Efficiency, AWE, is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to the efficient and sustainable use of water. AWE has seven key tasks to support water conservation efforts:

1. Stand as a clear and authoritative national voice for water efficiency. 2. Provide comprehensive information about water-efficient products, practices, and programs. 3. Represent the interest of water efficiency in the development of codes and standards. 4. Transform the market for fixtures and appliances. 5. Coordinate with green building initiatives to institutionalize water efficiency. 6. Train water conservation professionals. 7. Educate water users.

American Water Works Association, AWWA, is another nonprofit organization that is dedicated to managing and treating water. They focus more on finding solutions to improving public health, protecting the environment, strengthening the economy and enhancing our quality of life.  Yes, it’s important to save our water but it’s even more important to make sure said water is safe for human (and animal) consumption.

Maximum Performance, MaP, testing identifies how a toilet performs with bulk waste removal and ranks each toilet based on that performance. The highest rating available is “MaP Premium”. This takes performance requirement a step further and tests toilets that can highly perform AND be highly efficient. MaP Premium labeled toilets must flush with no more than 1.06 gallons per flush and demonstrate a MaP rating of at least 600 grams of solid waste removal in one flush.  On top of that, to be considered a MaP Premium toilet, a toilet must also be EPA Watersense certified.

What’s great about these organizations is that not only do they have a goal and mission in mind, they have the resources and education tools that any person can access.