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Stop Flushing Your Money

January 12, 2016

Toilets can do some serious damage to your wallet. They are one of your home’s biggest water wasters. If you think about it, you literally pay-per-flush; which can be a drag if your toilet sucks more water than it should. That’s why it is important not to turn a blind eye to your porcelain throne. Let us help you stop flushing your money. 

Consider this… when going to a movie would you rather pay $20 for a ticket or $5? If it doesn’t change the experience, most would choose the cheaper option. The same concept goes with your water. Why pay high water bills if a simple toilet retrofit could save you tons of money? Leaky, low efficiency toilets often cause high water bills. Replacing them with high-efficiency toilets can reduce your consumption by 20 – 60%. That’s a savings of nearly $110 per year in water costs, and $2,200 over the lifetime of the toilets. All with no change in the way you use your toilet! (We still wouldn’t recommend flushing these items down your commode.) 

ultra-high-efficiencyThe most common toilet in today’s household is between 1.6 GPF and 3.5 GPF (gallon per flush). However, you can save even more with an Ultra-High-Efficiency toilet. For example, Niagara’s Single Flush Stealth toilet only uses 0.8 gallons per flush. That literally cuts the industry standard in half. Imagine the $$$avings!

One concern with high-efficiency toilets is the power. We get it. You just want something that will get the job done. The Stealth’s flawless performance in real-world applications proves that it truly works. It’s breakthrough, patented hydraulic technology provides superior performance with an extremely powerful, yet quiet flush. There is also no flapper to leak or replace. Less maintenance + Less water wasted = More cash in your pocket.  

Awarded a MaP Premium rating and WaterSense certification, the Stealth is a clear winner for saving water and preventing you from flushing your money away. If you own a Stealth, congratulations! Consider yourself ahead of the water conservation game. Contact us today and share your story. 

Want another money-saving tip? Check with your local water utility for toilet replacement rebates. In some cases, the rebate will completely cover the cost of a new toilet! Click here to find a rebate near you.