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It’s the end of 2016 and it can be agreed that 2016 had its moments that will (thankfully) stay in 2016. But you know what won’t be staying in 2016? The ongoing drought. Yes, there has been a lot of precipitation throughout the country, but the drought still exists – and pretty heavily in California and southeast region of the United States. (Alabama, Georgia, and parts of South Carolina).

“But I’ve been taking 2-minute showers and turning off my water while brushing my teeth. What more can I do?”

You may already do these things (thank you!!), but it’s important to continue building on your water conserving habits.

In case those are the only two ways you are conserving, here’s a refresher on tips that can be added to your new years resolution list.

1. Lick your dishes! Or have your pets lick them. It’s like a win/win situation. Save water and your pet gets a tasty meal.

2. Switch out that water hog toilet of yours. U.S. government requires toilets to now flush at 1.6 gallons per flush so switching to a high-efficiency toilet will help save you water. Take it a step further and switch your toilet to an ultra-high-efficiency toilet to really maximize your water AND money savings. Like one that uses HALF the federal mandate.

3. Don’t take baths… an average bathtub holds about 42 gallons of water. 42 GALLONS! That’s 42 gallons of water to get a person clean when an easy shower can do the same thing.

4. Check for leaks and have them fixed. Fixing leaks can be an easy repair that doesn’t require a major investment. Fixing those leaks could also save you money down the line because per the EPA, 10% of your home wastes 90 gallons or more per day in leaks.

5. Reuse cooking water for watering plants.

6. Choose the right plants and weapons for your garden.

7. Be more conscience of your total water footprint. This includes things from the clothes you wear to what beverages you serve at your holiday feast. 

There are plenty more to add to this list but like 2016 – we’re out.

Just kidding. More tips can be found here.

Here’s to hoping the drought is closer to ending in 2017!