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What? Do not take baths?? Let us explain…

It’s a busy, mile-a-minute world these days and its not slowing down. The kids need to go to school / soccer practice / their friends house, projects are due for the boss, have to go to the grocery store because there’s no food in the house, and great… the dog just tore through the house covered in mud. After a day that’s tested you to the limit (again), sometimes its nice to simply escape.

So what’s more therapeutic than a hot bath to help you escape the insanity and unwind?

Well… As wonderful as it sounds, you’re actually causing more stress than you realize. By filling up that tub, you’re draining our most precious resource at a significantly faster rate. A typical bathtub holds about 42 gallons of water, but most of us don’t ever get it to the extreme top where its about to overflow. So on average, people use about 30 gallons of water on their bath. 30 GALLONS OF WATER! That’s not even counting the extra hot water added to keep you from turning into an ice cube after 10 minutes in the tub.

Lets think about that for a minute here…literally. If your home has a WaterSense labeled showerhead, the max amount of water coming out of that showerhead, in one minute, would be 2.0 gallons. Take that same 30 gallons and run it through the showerhead and it would take 15 minutes to use it up. So how long does a shower take? Well according to research, the average shower length is right about 8.2 minutes long… Therefore, by taking that bath, you’ve essentially taken two showers this is why we say don’t take baths.

Are you feeling stressed yet?

Both baths and showers serve a common purpose… getting you clean. And that’s where it should probably stay. Water doesn’t grow on trees, so we all need to be conscientious of our decisions on a daily basis. As large or as small as your choices may be, they can truly make a difference.

Now back to the stress and how to get rid of it. How about a few relaxing alternatives that are a little less… wasteful than a bath? Instead of taking a bath you could…

Go for a 10-minute walk.
Not only will this help you clear your head, it will boost endorphins that (in turn) kick that stress to the curb. Go someplace like a park with plenty of “green” space. This can put your body into a state known as “involuntary attention” – a form of meditation.

Put on some music.
By cracking up the volume on your favorite MP3 player, you can actually drown out stress. Classical music can slow your heart rate, lower blood pressure and reduce the stress hormones in your body.

Yes, but in moderation and selecting something healthy is always nice. Sip a hot cup of green tea (relieves anger), munch on a piece of dark chocolate (regulates cortisol – a stress hormone), or even chew gum (the simple act of chewing can reduce anxiety).